Monday, December 24, 2007

In for the Night

Actually, I was in before sunset. B.'s mother and her boyfriend came over this afternoon to collect B. before driving up to his sister's in Broward for a big Christmas Eve dinner. The mother had a couple rum and V-8 juice bloody marys. The boyfriend had one--he was driving. The mother looked fantastic, as always. She's originally from Puerto Rico but B. and his sister were born and raised in New York City. (I wonder what shape he'll be in when they drop him back off. Hopefully not like last night.)

When they left, I walked down to Publix and the truck was still there, thank God. I'd been afraid it might have been stolen or towed, even though I'd told the people in Publix that my car wouldn't start, and the policeman sitting in front of the store saw the whole thing. (I had attached the anti-theft device to the steering wheel before I left the truck there.) Anyway, I did a little last-minute shopping before getting into the truck and--voilĂ --it started. So I drove it back home and will deal with its problems another day. Afterwards I walked down to the Flanigan's liquor store, which is about five minutes away. (I would normally have driven a couple miles up to ABC for a better deal.)

I roasted my turkey breast, made gravy, made angel hair and meat sauce, and fixed the Flanigan's garlic parsley potatoes, which came out very good. I also did some tidying up and ate. Didn't have time for a nap and could have used one.

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