Monday, December 24, 2007

"Mom says Florida pastor sent lewd texts"

More Christian family values.

A church pastor has temporarily left the pulpit while detectives investigate whether he sent lewd text messages to an underage girl.

Darrell Gilyard [pictured], 45, head of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, took a voluntary paid leave of absence on Friday. He also resigned an appointment to a committee aimed at reducing violent crime in Jacksonville.

It is the second time accusations of sexual misconduct kept Gilyard from preaching. In 1991, he resigned his post at Victory Baptist Church near Dallas after reports he slept with church members came to light.

A mother filed a report with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on Nov. 29, alleging that she found obscene text messages on her daughter's cell phone in October from a number belonging to Gilyard, The Florida Times-Union reported. . . .

Story in the Miami Herald.

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