Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life in Miami: Cold Snap!

It's been unseasonably warm here for this time of year. Usually it starts to cool off in October (it used to be September--I was born here) but, generally speaking, not this year. Sunday night, however, it started to really cool down, so much so that we were able to turn off the air conditioner for the first time in months (except for the times I cleaned the filter) and open the windows and the sliding glass door. Ah, natural air conditioning. (There's nothing quite like it.) We also put on our long lounging pajama bottoms. Still, it wasn't cold enough for us to get out the plush slippers. (Mine are Goofy and B.'s are Pepe le Pew.) Also, I wore a t-shirt with the arms cut off instead of the usual tank top. Brrrrr.


Anonymous said...

with that kind of cold weather you must be careful you could get very sick, lounging around barefoot, get yourself some longJHON HAHA

birdy22 said...

look at it on the bright side you can skip a shower or two , then you can save on water, don't you agree?

The Blogger said...