Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Natural air-conditioning tonight

We're having a cold snap, the first one of the season. I have the windows and sliding glass door open, and the A/C has not kicked in since I've been home. (It must be in the 50s F. now.)

Lucky is pissed that I've closed the screen door to the terrace (where the slider is). Since he likes to go out there and sit on the ledge beyond the railing, I can't be constantly monitoring him. I'm afraid someday he's going to make a miscalculation and fall off (one floor below to the concrete pool deck, which he should be able to survive).

Recently departed Lucy used to do the same thing at my last apartment. She fell off the balcony more than once, before I put some netting on the railing (that wouldn't be a solution here). There it was also a one-storey fall, to the (soft) lawn. I'd then have to run outside and find her. She would be a mess and so would I.

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