Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday night

Desperate Housewives was finally good tonight. The writing was strong and they were able to tie everything together, including the last three crappy episodes. Until tonight, I thought the show was doomed.

I watched it over the phone with my friend in Canada, but that wasn't much fun since--due to the difference in commercials -- we weren't watching the same thing at the same time (what I was watching was lagging behind what he was watching, or vice-versa). (They're not airing Obama commercials in Canada, for example.) So we couldn't really follow the story together and laugh (or boo) together. Well, it could have been fun.

Got a lot done today. Was back at Home Depot to pick up the spice-rack cabinet overlay that had to be specially ordered, and got a new washable A/C filter to replace the one that the plumber burned a hole into with his soldering torch while installing the new water heater. Went to the gym. Went shopping. Bought Lucky some new feather balls. Had dinner at Flanigan's (since I still can't cook). Got some cheaper gas. We're set.

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