Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday night

Sitting on pins and needles now (not good), waiting to see how the election turns out. I was hoping to go to an election party in Biscayne Park on Tuesday night, but the hosts have cancelled due to a medical situation in the family. I'd been looking forward to it. I'd been there for the last two big elections, which were (for most of the attendees) a bummer. Alas, this one could have been a good party vis-a-vis the election results (the hospitality was always flawless).

I'm very sanguine about the prospects of Obama's winning. I just hope we win a 60% majority in the Senate also, so we can get some really strong programs passed to make us more secure.

Changing the subject, contractors are coming on Monday to work in the kitchen. I still won't be able to use the kitchen, however (since July 2), but I'll have counters, and the drywall should be repaired. I'll have to schedule another work day to get the electric and the plumbing functioning again so I can at last use the kitchen. After that, I'll tile the backsplash myself with some iridescent glass tile and do some repairs and repainting. And it'll be done.

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