Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moth Farm Closed on Terrace

B. got rid of the four caterpillar-ravaged bougainvilleas on the terrace today. A friend of his was supposed to pick them up and plant them in his yard--they could have had a better chance out there with some hungry lizards and birds around*--but the friend never came through. We'd both had enough of these poor plants. Not only were they depressing to look at, but also the thriving caterpillars created a lot of filth.

After trying more-innocuous treatments and having no success, I'd been spraying the plants with Sevin, much to my concern about the health of our cats (and me). I think I'd already exceeded the advised yearly spraying regimen for this strong but effective poison.
*the presence of which the cats discourage, aside from the fact that the terrace is not a yard

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