Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan and Andrew Sullivan, Too

I haven't watched the Republican candidates' debates and don't plan to. Thus I know nothing about Ron Paul. But if Stephanie Miller likes this guy, he must be special. She was going on and on about him this morning during her show. (Last we heard, she was for Obama.)

Andrew Sullivan is promoting him, too, but I don't trust Andrew since he swoons over Ronald Reagan at every opportunity. (Is being a "lapdog" of U.S. Republican presidents a trait of the British?)

Reagan of course pandered to Andrew's own despised "Christianists," Falwell being one of the most egregious and influential at the time. By ignoring AIDS (it was after all, according to the Christianists, God's punishment for homosexuality), Reagan allowed this now treatable disease to take hold and kill thousands of gays and others. (Perhaps Andrew would be HIV- were it not for this despicable president and the Christianists he courted for political gain.)

Let's face it, Ronald Reagan was the first to let these creeps out of the woodwork to spread their hate throughout our society, thus creating the divisions we now have.

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