Sunday, May 20, 2007

A U.S. Health Care Story - Hospital Dumping

"Hospitals put homeless patients in a van or a taxi and drop them on the Los Angeles' Skid Row, even if they're not healthy enough to fend for themselves." Anderson Cooper reported this story on 60 Minutes tonight.

Even a Presbyterian hospital was caught in the act--by a "dumping cam":

Deputy City Attorney Egurbide arrived with police minutes later. "The witnesses were saying a van pulled up, the individual, you know, basically fell out of it and, while the drivers was just standing by and, you know, not doing anything to help him. And, you know, was literally crawling on his hands. A paraplegic man. No use of his legs. And the van just sped off," Egurbide explains. "No wheelchair, no walker, and no empathy whatsoever for this individual by the driver, apparently." . . .

"Your hospital left this man, Gabino Olvera, on the street. He’s a paraplegic. Didn’t give him a walker or didn’t give him a wheelchair. How is that possible?" Cooper asks. . . .

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