Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bootsy starting to accept Lucky

No attacks on Lucky today. Bootsy knows better (I attack him). Tonight Bootsy was content to watch Lucky from a distance, and Lucky knew he was being watched but didn't seem to care much. I think Lucky just wants to get along and not be attacked--who wouldn't--but he's still wary of Bootsy, especially when I get home from work and open the bedroom door. I'll continue to sequester Lucky in the bedroom over the next two days while I'm at work. Then we'll see how the weekend goes.

Tonight I inadvertently locked Lucky out on the terrace for about 10 minutes. I'd gone out to empty Bootsy's water bowl onto the plants and didn't see Lucky slip out (he's very quiet and stealthy). Then after a while I couldn't find him, and sure enough he was outside. I'm kind of glad that happened, since Lucky remained on the terrace rather than try to jump off it. (That had been a fear of mine.) And he ran back inside when I opened the door. He knows where home is now (i.e., under air conditioning). He acts almost grateful. I can now trust him (to a point) to be out on the terrace without my direct supervision. (It's already Lucky-proofed, as I mentioned.)

Tonight he's back up sleeping on the cabinets. (No word this week about the permit for the electrical work in the kitchen, which we need to have done before the cabinets can be installed.)

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