Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cat art

I love our new cat already. There were some problems yesterday, however. Bootsy attacked him a few times and I intervened. I felt sorry for Lucky--he didn't see it coming. The Humane Society said Lucky likes other cats. He didn't show any animosity toward Bootsy, and I'm sure he didn't provoke the attack. Lucky's wary of him now, however. Fortunately, he can jump up onto surfaces Bootsy can't jump up onto and fit into spaces Bootsy can't fit into.

I trust things will cool down (on Bootsy's part) and the cats will be able to co-exist in relative peace, as Bootsy and Lucy did. Bootsy knows (from my swatting him, whereupon he growled at me) that Lucky has my permission to be here. Today I loaded up the water gun and am keeping it at the ready. I also have the whisk broom as back-up.


m'sean said...

you got that right you can't be acting as cat police all the time.

m'sean said...

great picture of ''LUCKY'' love the sofa!

the blogger said...