Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Lucky Roy"

This is Bootsy's (and my) new feline companion. Like Bootsy, he's neutered and de-clawed in the front. I got him at the Humane Society up the road. He'd been in foster care, as I explained below. They said he was a year old or less. He came with a microchip implanted between his shoulder blades, a DVD, an information kit, a free tag with his name and phone number, a months' worth of free health insurance, a blanket, and a bag of food. Before I was allowed to adopt him, I had to show my vehicle registration and my driver's license, and have a property search done on my condo.

After putting on his new tag out in the hall, I released him from the cat carrier (I'd brought my own) onto my bed, where Bootsy was lying on the comforter. Lucky then crawled under the bed but soon started exploring. It wasn't long before he found the rug with the catnip on it from last night (see below) and began rolling around on it and scratching at it.

Bootsy has been following him around and watching him. His life has already become more exciting. Lucky Roy has a bell on his collar I'll have to remove before my bedtime.

(The free bag of food came with a free can of Fancy Feast: "White Meat Chicken Tuscany in a savory sauce with long grain rice and garden greens.")

Now I have to go out and get some lunch. One more lunch at Flanigan's and I'll be entitled to a free one as a member of the Lunch Club.

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