Thursday, July 17, 2008

'Lucky Roy'

Today I was in contact with my vet and the Humane Society, which I didn't know had a large facility right up the street from here (it's been there two years). I really think Bootsy would be better off having a companion, especially during the day when I'm not here. I need a cat that is spayed (or neutered) and de-clawed, since Bootsy is de-clawed. He or she has to be an inside cat and use the cat box at all times.

The Humane Society had one cat, Lucky Roy, who fit that description, but at the moment he's in foster care. When I expressed strong interest and then filled out an application to adopt, the Humane Society called the foster person to let her know. (The foster person did not intend to adopt the cat.) Tomorrow afternoon, the person is bringing the cat back to the Humane Society, and Saturday I plan on going up there to check him out (it's less than 10 minutes away).

I was told Lucky Roy is a year old or even younger, and independent-acting (sounded like a plus for Bootsy's sake). I told the vet about him (the vet's assistant, actually) and she thought that would be a good age, but I don't want him to give Bootsy a hard time (especially the cat being another male). The point of course is to make things better for Bootsy, not worse. I sense that Lucy's leaving the household has affected him negatively, even though he and Lucy weren't the best of buddies.

If I like Lucky Roy (and he likes me) and think his temperament would be positive for Bootsy, I'll adopt him on Saturday.

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