Friday, July 11, 2008


Whew. The week's finally over, even though I am on call to work tomorrow. No big deal.

Wrote a post on the kitchen blog here. I found this iridescent tile for the backsplash online and ordered a sample (sample $2.90, shipping $5.00). I think it'll look great with the white cabinets and countertops. Maybe I can find it locally.

Glad to be back at work today. Yesterday I had to wake up early to get to that seminar, and I'm not a morning person. (I also had to wake up early the previous day, to wait on the electrician.)

As I said, the seminar was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, which, by the way, is a football field or two due east from where The South Beach Bum lived until just recently. Yesterday I had lunch at David's Cafe off Lincoln Road at Meridian. Their Cuban sandwiches are among the best, but I wasn't in the mood for one. I had a cheeseburger and a V-8 instead (with the V-8 making it all healthy). The cheeseburger was also good.

Bootsy and I are still sitting here in this state of upheaval. I hope to see a lot of progress on the kitchen next week. It's getting a bit depressing, but I went to the gym tonight and felt better afterward. Was able to take a much-needed nap (with Bootsy) beforehand. I was also able to nap on Wednesday before the gym, but when Lucy was really sick, I couldn't rest and was running myself ragged. My weight dropped down to 164 (at most) but today it was back up to 170. Also, not having a functioning kitchen has had an effect on my normal eating habits.

I think the first thing I'll make in the new kitchen is Swiss Steak, something my mother used to make. I follow the Joy of Cooking recipe, but I think I'll add a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes this time.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Home Depot to get some more primer and paint to finish off the kitchen ceiling and buy the sink and disposer and maybe the microwave for above the stove. (I'll only buy these bigger items after first consulting with the kitchen designer, who should be there.) I also plan on relaxing. But there's a chance I may have to go in to work. :-(

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