Saturday, July 12, 2008

Joan Walsh: 'Another bad week for John McCain'

See her latest column here. Her video here.

[I]t seems to me the only advantage McCain has in his underdog race against Obama is that he's a very well-known quantity, a war hero with a long Congressional record that, despite its reliable conservatism, has been occasionally marked by principled stands as well as efforts at bipartisanship. Running against a first-term senator who is not yet well known by most Americans, and who has also disappointed supporters in the last few weeks by changing positions, John McCain, Known Quantity could well be a reassuring choice in November.

But McCain is no longer a known quantity. His crazy ranting about preventing Iran from causing "another Holocaust" made him sound like Dick Cheney; his shapeshifting on immigration and the economy makes him look lost. . . .

(And she wrote that before McCain's meltdown below.)

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