Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kitchen project update, etc.

Update here. I hope the project will resume this week. I've been living with a gutted-out kitchen for over three weeks now. It's getting old.

I shouldn't really complain, however. Tonight I was watching Design Star (the last competition, between the two finalists). Their design project was to redo the kitchen and living area for two New Orleans families (with each finalist redoing one family's space). Since Hurricane Katrina happened, a lot of people in New Orleans still don't have their homes back to normal, and it's been almost three years now. The families in tonight's show had eight or so feet of flood water standing in their homes, which destroyed everything on the main floor.

Things went pretty well this weekend vis-a-vis the cats, but I'm still going to shut Lucky up in my bedroom while I'm at work. Otherwise I'd worry too much about him, not that anything would happen. But Bootsy still catches him off-guard and scares him. He's still just a big kitten (with a high-pitched kitten meow). This weekend I left them alone together when I went out to eat or ran errands, but I'm not comfortable yet with leaving them alone together for hours on end.

Lucky photographs well. What do you think?

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