Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday night

Had a good day today, the best day I've had since before Lucy got sick and died. Got a lot of rest. Closed Bootsy out of the bedroom when he tried to get me up early (didn't even look at the clock). Was up well after noon. (Stayed up a little late last night, even knowing I might have to go in to work.) Bootsy got some special food and lots of attention when I got up. (I'd planned it.)

Fortunately didn't get called in to work.

Made sure I ate well, despite the state of upheaval here (no functioning kitchen).

We got more rain today. Hadn't had any in a few days. The sky was overcast most of the day. There was one mild thunderstorm in the mid-afternoon, and a huge thunderhead sat over the area for hours, threatening more rain and in the meantime keeping it pleasantly cool. My favorite summertime weather. At one point I was sitting at Starbucks, with my umbrella and a magazine, under an overhang, waiting for the bottom to drop out of the sky, but it never did. Then I walked down to dinner at Flanigan's and it rained some while I was inside.

(It had been sprinkling when I went to Home Depot earlier and I took my umbrella into the store. I was hoping it would storm and wash my car, but it didn't.)

I finally got around to doing my taxes (I'd gotten an extension). I used TaxACT online, which I've used for several years. It's free, although throughout the process they're pushing their premium service (for under $10). I ended up with a $77 refund. The return was filed electronically and my refund will be wired to my checking account. I just have to sign a Form 8453-OL now (which TaxACT supplied in PDF format, all filled in) and send it to the IRS within three days. I'll do that tomorrow.

Talked for hours to Cody in Canada and now I'm ready to go to bed.

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