Thursday, July 10, 2008

Glad this week's almost over

It's been hectic. Today I attended an all-day Photoshop CS3 seminar at the Miami Beach Convention Center. There must have been 500 people there to watch Ben Willmore impart his mastery of Curves, hue-saturation-brightness color adjustments, advanced masking techniques (including the Background Eraser and the Extract filter), and more. (I use the Extract filter a lot at work for head shots.)

I'm no Photoshop expert. I've never used Curves much (there's always more than one way to skin a cat in Photoshop.) But Ben did an excellent job demystifying them, explaining precisely how they work and demonstrating in numerous examples how to use them. (Seems pretty simple and straightforward, actually.) Tonight I looked through the booklet that accompanied the seminar; it seems thorough and follows today's presentation to a T. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to practice using Curves.

Several years ago I attended a two-day hands-on training session (way out in west Broward County), and the instructor didn't use Curves at all. (Maybe Photoshop didn't have Curves then.) I learned about Levels, however. The lady was an art teacher turned certified professional Photoshop instructor (or something like that). (I was impressed.)

Ben has three websites:, and Ben sold his house in Colorado a while back and now travels around the country in a bus, taking photos, doing seminars, etc. (He flew to Miami from LA for this one.)


Yes, the week's almost over. I'm tired already. It was a challenge, especially following last week, when Lucy died. This week, in addition to the electrician and the seminar, I went to the dentist on Monday for bonding work. (I had my Valium from my doctor for that, and ended up not taking my blood pressure pill before I went to bed, but I took it first thing the next morning.) One more day, and then I think I'm on call for Saturday. Ack.

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