Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Car Troubles

Part of reality. Truck wouldn't start tonight when I was heading out to the gym. I think I need a new battery. I could have walked to the gym--it's a little over 5 minutes away on foot--but by the time I'd fiddled with the car, it was getting a little late to go to the gym. I should probably walk to the gym anyway, but often I do grocery shopping afterwards and use the truck for hauling. When I wasn't driving I rode my bike to the gym and hauled groceries on the bike. Having the truck makes life a little easier, but I'm definitely not getting the exercise I used to get. But then again, I'm not single anymore and have less time to kill and more groceries to haul. (That's kind of a cop-out, I admit.)

Anyway, I had an inkling the battery was going out; a few weeks ago I was having similar problems. Per Dad's advice, I cleaned the corrosion off the battery terminals with a baking soda solution and that seemed to do the trick. Perhaps it helped. But the battery is getting old. So I'll just call AAA and have them come and install a new battery.

I'm glad this happened at home rather than at the gym or the grocery store.

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