Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wednesday Night

Getting back in front of the eight ball, hay fever notwithstanding. (And there is no hay anymore in Miami, except maybe in Miami Lakes. Hmmm. Where is this hay coming from!?) Took several sprays of my gold-plated nosespray tonight and right now am doing better. I just don't want to get addicted to it, since, aside from being a steroid, it costs $50 for 120 metered sprays on my healthcare plan. I guess I shouldn't bitch that some advanced countries have universal healthcare and basically free drugs. Also not to be bitchy that I assume our pharmaceutical companies make loads of profits by charging Americans over full price while negotiating lower costs with the foreign countries' healthcare plans, while we don't even have one. How American is that. Hmmm.

Bought three new pairs of shoes tonight, all the same but in different colors. I hate shopping for clothes. My shoes were practically destroyed (by hurricanes, etc.), however, so it was about time. I was starting to feel ashamed at work. Well, no more! I've got some lovely boat shoes to wear to work.

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