Friday, August 31, 2007

"Down Low"

In light of the Craig situation, I've been reading stuff on the "down low" phenomenon in the black community. These "down low" people may not consider themselves "gay", but they don't do their "down low" stuff with women--they like to do it with men--so in my book they're bisexual.

I have no problem with being bi as long as they don't give the gays a bad rap, since they're using gays for their sexual gratification. But even if they're using fellow "down lows" for their sexual gratification, it's still homosexual behavior. So give the self-avowed homos--the "gays"--a break. Don't be hypocritical.

I was reading an argument that the "down lows" are not homosexual for having sex with males just as homosexual males are not straight notwithstanding their ability to have sex with females. Homosexuals, however, do not seek out sex with females, while the "down lows" seek out sex with males. So they are bi, if not closeted homosexuals (or, Heaven forbid, "gays") themselves.

At any rate, I have no empathy for people who engage in homosexual behavior while reviling gays. And that goes across the board, from "down lows" to Craigs.

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