Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Truck Is Fixed

Finally. It wouldn't start last night so I called AAA tonight and they came and replaced the battery (for $121.45). The guy also fixed an ignition problem on the steering wheel shaft (the keyhole had got out of alignment to the point I couldn't even put the key into it and was starting the car without the key). It's funny (to me at least) that describing mechanical things always sounds sexual. I even took down a post in which I described how I'd fixed a hole in my bathroom ceiling caused by a plumbing leak (since fixed) upstairs; I was laughing out loud as I re-read it.

The fluorescent light above my parking space was out (not my fault), so the AAA guy insisted that I pull the truck into an empty, well-lit parking space directly across the lane in the parking garage. Wouldn't you know it, the proprietor of that space came home just as I was having the ignition problem and unable to move the car. I told her I was sorry and said she could use my space. She seemed pissed, but actually my space is better than hers (it's closer to the door). We'll switch spaces back tomorrow, I guess. I put a note on her car after I'd come back from the grocery store and bought a bunch of stuff.

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