Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Show Tonight

On A&E, "American Justice" about the dog-mauling in San Francisco. I'd not seen that one. I'd read about this case in the papers. The owners of the mauling dogs were both attorneys. The "maulee" ended up dying. After she was dead and of course unable to defend herself, the dogs' owners asserted the maulee contributed to her own mauling by wearing perfume or taking steroids. They also said she could have entered her apartment and slammed her door against the dogs (there were two of them, each weighing more than she, i.e, well over 100 lbs.). She was obviously mauled in the hallway while carrying groceries. In photos you could see the groceries strewn about the hallway, including an Old El Paso taco kit (our favorite). How dumb can these attorneys be?

We also watched a hilarious episode of "Sell This House."

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