Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jeff Gannon + Karl Rove?

Yesterday morning on her radio show, Stephanie Miller referred to a story they'd found about a possible liaison between these two.

And then today Stephanie read a letter from Jeff Gannon (who as you might know had a career as a man-on-man prostitute) threatening legal action if she didn't back off.

I'd always wondered about all those visits to the White House at odd hours of the day.

Anyway, here's a recent item from Wonkette. (Maybe this is what Stephanie was referring to--I don't recall but get this.) Here's something else I found from a while back. This too is really on point.

[The Wonkette link apparently doesn't work. Do a Scroogle search ("jeff gannon" "karl rove") and you'll find the story at around item 12 ("No More A-roving Dept.: Karl Rove's Gay Dad Made His Son Fall in ...").]

My point is that closeted gays hate themselves and, as a part of that, actively embrace anti-gay political and religious agendas. So you see why closeted gays today are Republicans, prominent ones no less. Another example would be Ken Mehlman, who used to be Chairman of the Republican National Committee. I'm all for exposing closeted gays who endeavor to make life difficult for their more well-adjusted, self-accepting brethren.

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