Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

About time for a nap. Meanwhile I'm taping "Sell This House" on A&E. HGTV has also come out with a "staging" show called "Get It Sold." It's good but I prefer watching Tanya and Roger. We don't like the new HGTV show "Color Correction." It's really tacky. The new "Design Star" is fun, although the reruns are eating up the schedule.

Made some decent beef stew, starting last night and finishing it off today. Followed pretty much the "Gaston Beef Stew" recipe in The Joy of Cooking. (It'll be better tomorrow.) Added a can of tomato paste towards the end. Had to walk over to the nearby convenience store to get it. Man is it steamy out there.

Our friend who moved to North Carolina called this afternoon. It's over 100 degrees where she is, in Fort Bragg, but not humid (she says). Her former condo is across the street, next to the store, so I was thinking about her, and then she called (for B.). Her cat is doing well, by the way, up in Hollywood with a friend of mine. Talked to him (the friend) today, too.

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