Saturday, August 25, 2007

Clinton on Health Care (So Far)

While rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards have proposed detailed health care overhaul plans, Clinton is taking an incremental approach. She started with a speech in June on reducing costs, followed by Thursday's address on quality, and will outline her plan for universal health care coverage next month.

''My order here is deliberate,'' said Clinton, a New York senator. ''In order to forge a consensus on universal health care, we need to assure people that they will get the quality they expect at a cost they can afford.''

. . .

Speaking later in Manchester, Clinton said her universal health care plan would not involve a single-payer government system. Instead, she said, she would consider expanding Medicare and allow people to join the federal employees insurance program.

''I think you don't want to take choices away from Americans. We're big on choice here. But you've got to have some framework so the choices work better,'' she said.


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