Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Night

I've been a little behind the eight ball lately. Today after work, I finally called AAA about the truck. I'd been dreading that. A serviceman came almost immediately, however, and boosted the battery, and I was able to go to the store and buy a few bulky, heavy items after letting the truck run a half hour or so--it started right up after I'd turned it back off. The guy said the battery and alternator were fine but that the battery could possibly have a bad cell if I have trouble starting it again. (I didn't tell him I'd already had trouble.) Anyway, if it doesn't start again, he said I'm to call AAA back and he'll come with a battery for $100+, cash or check. I said fine. He was very nice, unlike the last AAA guy I dealt with. It does sound like a bad cell to me, which is what my father suggested. God, I hate dealing with automobiles.

Tonight we watched "Color Splash" and the latest "Big Love" we'd recorded (B. watched it late last night and recorded it.) This was the penultimate episode of the season. Can't wait for the finale next week. Last night we watched "Design Star" after B. came home. (I'd watched it earlier and recorded it.)

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Amicus said...

Keep an eye out for a cheap one of these, maybe.

I got one on sale from PepBoys for a song a long while back, and it holds a charge for a long time and gives peace of mind through the winter ...