Monday, June 16, 2008

Gore endorses Obama (?!)

Wow. Did anyone think Gore was going to endorse John McCain? Maybe I'm missing something here, but Alex Koppelman at Salon's War Room makes this into a big deal.

Koppelman always slanted toward Obama during the Democratic primaries. Now that the dust has settled and Hillary is out of the race, he writes as though Gore is endorsing Obama over Hillary. (Gore was smarter than to do that.) (Emphasis added.)

Monday night, Al Gore took to the stage at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, to finally deliver the endorsement many political observers had been waiting for all year. By now, though, there was no suspense as to what candidate Gore would endorse; instead, with Barack Obama beaming next to him, Gore added his voice to the growing chorus of Democrats coming out to support their party's presumptive presidential nominee. . . .

I've never been impressed by what Alex Koppelman has to say. He comes across as a political neophyte. I miss the other guy at War Room. I trust he has a better job now.

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