Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lucy's still hanging in there

She didn't like being shut up in the bedroom today, so I won't do that again. Appetite is pretty good. As I wrote in an email to a friend.

I don't know about the "thing" in her abdomen (and neither does the vet), but her ears have bothered her for a long time (it's like they're mildewed from the Florida humidity). That was the stated reason why I took her to the vet (but the real reason was the weight loss and not eating right). The vet gave me an ointment for her ears. But I can't administer it the way the vet did. She goes nuts. I did my best. I wish they had ear drops or a spray for this condition. (I think I'll ask the vet about that.) I'm supposed to insert the elongated tip of a tube of ointment into her ear canal, every day. I can barely make out where the ear canal is. Please.

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