Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lucy report

She's acting almost normal again. Her ears still bother her (that was normal) but the new ointment (EnteDerm) is working miracles. The mildew has almost disappeared! Plus she didn't complain as much tonight when I gave her a dose.

I'd bought all kinds of stuff at pet stores and over the Internet to treat her ears, but apparently she needed serious drugs. The vet even told me don't bother to clean them anymore (as I'd been doing when I felt it was necessary). I was glad to hear that. It was always a big ordeal for Lucy and me both.

This morning she was up and at 'em and out of the bedroom. She didn't want to be shut up in there again.

When I got home from work, she ate canned food in the kitchen with Bootsy (on her own paper plate). She even walked up to me after I'd opened the can, eager to be fed.

Both Lucy and Bootsy have lost interest in the dry food (and I'd even tried a different brand which at first they seemed to like). I'll just feed them more canned food (and still keep the dry food out for them in case their interest picks up again).

I still have a cat box and food and water supply back in my bedroom (where Lucy's basket is) to make things a little easier on her, if necessary.

Both cats were traumatized emotionally by B's departure (not my doing!) but they seem to be pulling through. I give them all the support I can.

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