Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday Night

Started emptying out the kitchen cabinets today in anticipation of Wednesday's demolition. The glassware and dishes went into B's empty dresser. Most everything else is going into Glad ForceFlex bags (the kind you can stuff a wrecked piano into).

Had a nice long talk with my friend "Sean" in Canada. The reception over the Magic Jack appeared to be fine, so I'll cancel the Vonage tomorrow.

Also called my father upstate and gave him the new Magic Jack phone number. I'd tried to call him on Father's Day but didn't reach him. He had received my card. He said his wife had been in the hospital for 12 days recently but was back home. He said the doctors don't know what's wrong. (I didn't delve into details but am aware of the problems). I told him Lucy wasn't well and that B. and I were no longer together, but that the kitchen project was coming along.

I cancelled my dentist appointment for Monday morning and emailed the vet that I'd be taking Lucy in first thing.

I also did laundry, rotated the mattress, and changed the sheets. So I kept busy today. I also managed to have coffee and read a magazine at Starbucks, then have dinner at Flanigan's and walk to the store.


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