Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'McCain Doesn’t Even Have a Base'

Left Coaster post here.

Although the LA Times and Newsweek bring happy news to the Obama campaign with strapping double-digit leads, the LA Times also spells out disaster for McCain in another polling element: McCain is performing disastrously among Republicans, his own base. Compared to 2004, McCain is 26% behind Bush among Republicans at this time in the cycle. (h/t Liberal Oasis)

Another demographic disaster is shaping up for McCain among evangelicals, formerly the most fiercely loyal Republican voters ever to be found. James Dobson, the choleric Christian leader of evangelicals, issued a statement in February that he would not vote for McCain and would stay at home if Obama were the nominee. Apparently that message sunk in very well and an amazing 40% of evangelicals polled are seriously considering Obama.

If adopting Christian values to embrace liberal change in preserving the environment, fighting poverty, and ending war is part of the New Politics of Senator Obama’s campaign, well, that is some change I can believe in, god damn right.

If elected John McCain would become the oldest person ever to become president, another huge issue to the electorate, no matter how desperately our media try to ignore it. . . .

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