Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kitchen update

I was back at Home Depot tonight for quite a while, going over details and ultimately paying for the Silestone countertops (under $4,000 with discount). I may have mentioned that I didn't get my HELOC because my condo wasn't on the bank's approved list of condos (condos are shaky right now, but mine is actually doing OK). (I immediately went and took out an unsecured loan from my bank and paid for the cabinets.)

Last night I went on the Home Depot website and saw they had a much better deal on unsecured loans for home improvements. To make a long story short, today I got a loan from Home Depot at a much better interest rate and on more favorable terms and used that to pay for the Silestone today. Also, they're going to get the cabinets paid from the Home Depot loan. So I'll be able to pay off the bank loan immediately and may just incur some processing charges. I also have quite a bit of time to accumulate funds to retire the Home Depot loan as soon as possible.

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