Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Night

Today I made an appointment at the vet's for Lucy. I'm taking her on Saturday morning. (I think she's OK and doesn't have a fatal medical problem, but I do want her ears checked out, since they bother her so much.) I'll explain to the vet about the situation here at home and Bootsy's domination and hogging the food. I tried calling B. tonight about taking Bootsy back, but he was off from work. I'll call him tomorrow.

Much as I love Bootsy, I think Lucy would be better off without him here, since there's too much conflict and jealousy. Bootsy is B's cat and ultimately B's responsibility, and unfortunately he's got to go. If the cats got along, it would be another story.

Lucy will be by herself during the day, but I think she'll have more peace of mind. She hasn't been thriving.

Just to get out of the house tonight, I went to Starbucks shortly after 9:00 and drank a decaf while reading the short story by Mary Gaitskill. I never liked decaf, but I have to say the Starbucks is the closest to the real thing that I've ever tasted. (I'm not a connoisseur of decaf coffee or of coffee, for that matter. I don't even drink that much coffee, but when I do, at home I drink Yuban, although my cousin recently sent me some Caribou coffee and that was pretty good.)

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