Thursday, June 26, 2008


I talked to the vet today about Lucy (who is sitting here at my feet). The vet had wanted me to keep her posted. The vet doesn't want Lucy to suffer (and neither do I). She said that if Lucy were suffering, she would hide and not eat. I told her that Lucy is still walking around, goes out onto the terrace when I get home from work, etc. I told her she was drinking water and maybe eating something. (She no longer eats when I put a plate in front of her, but there's food everywhere now.) I guess if it gets to the point where Lucy is no longer able to get around, it's her time to go.

Meanwhile Bootsy is more robust than ever, with all the good eats sitting around. And he was so sick around Mother's Day that he could barely walk across the room. (He recovered quickly.) Maybe he ate a centipede, or something. How they get into the apartment, I don't know.

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