Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lucy not eating

But she seems to be content sitting here at my feet. I bought some baby food tonight and she sniffed it and seemed interested, but didn't eat it. I tried dabbing some on her mouth and she ate it, but she wouldn't eat it off the plate even if I put it up to her mouth. Nor did she drink any evaporated milk (which she had been drinking). Nor some Carl Buddig turkey (which she used to like). Of course I don't know whether she eats anything when I'm not here; I can't tell that.

She still walks around, however. She went out on the terrace tonight when I got home from work and has been moving around from place to place, albeit slowly and at times a little unsteadily.

Bootsy seems to be attuned to the situation and is behaving himself accordingly (at least when I'm here). He's a good cat.

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