Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Report

I'm taking tomorrow off as a vacation day to wait up for the delivery of the kitchen cabinets. They're supposed to be here between noon and 4:00. If the time frame had been different, I might have gone to work for a few hours, but this eats a hole into the day. No big deal. I have the time off to spend. Works knows about this project and that I won't be trying to take a vacation this year. (There will be more days off for this project.)

I've cleared a space in the living room in which to store the cabinets (which come boxed). Next I have to schedule a date for the removal of my old cabinets, and then empty their contents into boxes and set them somewhere. This place will be chaos soon.

This morning before I left for work, Lucy was sitting on the throw rug here by the computer. So I left her food there. When I got home, however, she was back in her basket in my bedroom closet and looked awful. (I should have put her food back there, since that is her "safe space".) I felt bad. The food by the computer hadn't been touched.

Eventually she came out, however, and ate a little and then went out onto the terrace. Tonight I'll make sure she has some of the Fancy Feast by her basket.

She's looking very frail. I'm glad I have tomorrow off to commune with the cats. Booty needs (and gets) attention too, and he appears to be dealing with the situation as best he can. I just hope I won't have to have Lucy put to sleep (as I did with Yasmin). That tore me up but it was the best thing for Yas.

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