Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday night

Sick today. Stayed home and slept. Then had dinner at Flanigan's. B. was there, sitting down the bar by the washrooms, facing the other way. (I always eat at the bar and took a seat by the door.) I guess he was with the BF, but I didn't really recognize him. Their car wasn't parked in the handicapped space -- unless they got a new car. (I often see it there on Monday nights, which is B.'s usual night off.)

I went to the restroom to wash my hands after dinner and smiled at B. and gave him the peace sign on my way back to my seat. It's now been two years since he left. I wonder how he looks back on our time together. Does he think about his cat (who's here)? It was strange to see him. I don't know whether I would have gone to eat there if I'd seen the "pimpmobile" parked outside in the handicapped space.

Went to the store afterwards to pick up an additional package of stew beef (on sale this week). Going to make a pot of vegetable beef soup but didn't think I'd bought enough beef.

I've had serious misgivings about updating my Firefox, but tonight I found an add-on to manage the tabs so it acts more like the previous version, even better maybe.

Tonight I discovered water accumulating in the bathroom ceiling above the tub. Apparently someone has a leak above me. Upstairs neighbor had a leak a couple of years ago and fixed it. I'll have to notify the management office tomorrow. The leak is in the exact same place it was before.

Anthony Bourdain was good tonight. He was up the Hudson River.

Not looking forward to tomorrow when the plumber comes. Gotta face the music.

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