Friday, February 05, 2010


Rachel is in New Orleans tonight. As Keith Olbermann asked her at the top of the show, does she know the Super Bowl is in Miami?

I like Rachel's outfits when she's not broadcasting from New York. Check out this number. Very butch, but stylish.

Note in the top shot that they're using a French spelling for the English long O. Next I'll watch "20/20," where Barbara Walters will interview SC Gov. Sanders' estranged wife, Jenny.

A few days ago I bought a container of "no sugar added" orange sherbet at Publix. It turns out it contains sorbitol (and maltitol, also). On the label, there's an asterisk by sorbitol and the footnote reads: "SENSITIVE INDIVIDUALS MAY EXPERIENCE A LAXATIVE EFFECT FROM EXCESS CONSUMPTION OF THIS INGREDIENT." It turns out, I'm one of those individuals. (I only ate a cup of sherbet.) According to Wikipedia, maltitol can also have that effect. Maltitol and sorbitol are, respectively, the third and fourth most-prevalent ingredients.

Here, they're making (and drinking) a special New Orleans cocktail.

[Later] I knew nothing about Jenny Sanford. From Chicago originally, she was an investment banker on Wall St. before she married that jerk.

Next, "What Not To Wear." A 26-year-old Episcopal priest from St. Louis. Very pretty. (She'll still have to wear the collar at work.) Next, "The Haunted" on Animal Planet. Spooky. Then another "What Not To Wear" -- from 2008, not HDTV. What a difference. I'm spoiled.

Had a busy week. Did the long walk home. Tired. Next Tuesday I have a plumber coming. The maintenance crew here can't fix my toilet.

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