Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday night

The plumber came at around 9:30 and was finished at around 12:30. He had to go to Home Depot twice for parts. Everything's fixed: the leaking toilet tank was fitted with brand-new insides and outsides too. The valve at the wall was fixed (it wouldn't turn all the way off) and a new hose installed from the valve to the bottom of the tank. Water line in the building had to be shut down briefly. He also replaced the water valve in the tub. That had really been worrying me, since I'd been afraid something was wrong inside the wall and that the tub enclosure (an old fiberglass thing) might have to be breached and possibly destroyed. Whew. He had that working right away, then tackled the toilet. The total bill came to $220 ($40 of that for replacing the tub valve). Not as bad as I'd feared.

The building maintenance man came in to check out the leak in the bathroom ceiling. The leak had stopped by then and the wall and ceiling were drying up. I'm supposed to keep my eye on it. (I have been.) Not a lot of damage done so far. (The same thing had happened a few years ago and my upstairs neighbor replaced the shower pan or something. I had a hole in my wall and ceiling and had to get a handyman to re-drywall it.)

Went to work afterward and stayed later.

Made a load of chili and am watching paranormal stuff tonight. Never heard of the "Jersey Devil."

Had a tortured previous two nights. Hopefully tonight will be better, now that the repairs have been done and they didn't cost a fortune. Also, the computer is acting better and the camera works again (as of today -- got the email from the video chat tech people and followed instructions. Suddenly my specific camera appeared in the software and my image was being captured).

Seeing B. last night in his new setting was interesting. Since B. doesn't have a lot of education (he quit high school), he's getting an education through his constantly changing partners. More power to him (sad for some partners). Maybe someday he'll get his degree and stand on his own two feet and not need anybody (or hurt anybody).

Thank God the toilet and the bathtub valve are fixed, and it didn't cost a fortune.

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