Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday night

Back from gym and store. Don't feel like making anything to eat. I'm a little nervous over the plumber coming on Tuesday (at 9:00 a.m.), but the leak in the toilet tank is getting faster and faster. I'm nervous about the cost, since I want the plumber to do a couple of other things around here that have to be done in addition to the toilet (which the maintenance people here tell me needs a new valve). Recently a battery went down one of the bathroom sinks as I was changing the batteries in my toothbrush. That needs to be removed from the trap. Also, the handle for regulating the water in the bathtub is broken. It's probably the original handle from the '70s.

Was over at Starbucks earlier and had a turkey & Swiss, then drank 8 oz. protein drink before gym.

Finally got hold of my friend in Canada today. He's been going out of town on the weekends to visit someone. (I knew that.)

Tried to get on a video chat today but it's not communicating with my QuickCam. Notified the chat's technical support. Should hear back from them within 48 hours.

[Later] Been watching a "What Not To Wear" marathon on TV. (Not a football fan.) Was glad New Orleans won, however, and they were the underdogs.

Getting used to the new version of Firefox. I liked the old one, where I had my row of favorite sites, which I could then open onto another row if I wanted. Now I have one row of open sites. No big deal, I guess. Last night I also downloaded Google Chrome (again). I want to try it out (again).

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