Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday night

Today was nice. Got cleaned up and was over at Starbucks at 3:30 or so, after finishing off the potato skins. It was busy over there. Finally got a good, shaded table. Took my time and had two cups of coffee and a turkey & Swiss sandwich. Not too windy, though I wore my leather jacket just in case.

Ended up at the gym before 6:00 (closes at 7:00). Picked up a few things at the store afterward and was home just as "60 Minutes" was starting. Fried up around 3 lbs. of nice ground sirloin that had been sitting in the meat drawer for a few days and made chili with half of it. (Didn't want it to go bad -- it was really good meat and only 10% fat.) I guess I'll also make chili with the other half, or maybe picadillo.

Haven't talked to my friend in Canada for a while. I'll wait for him to call me.

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