Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday night

Not a good day to sit out at Starbucks. I would have gone there earlier in the day when it was a bit warmer (70 F.), but I was waiting for the tsunami to hit Hawaii. I finally pried myself from the TV, got cleaned up and walked over there, in a light rain. That was probably after 5:00 and it was in the 50s F. by then. It got chillier and chillier as I sat there reading about Paul Krugman in The New Yorker. Got a coffee refill and ended up bringing it home. I was the last person sitting outside there.

Had an egg salad sandwich at Starbucks. Later went to dinner at Flanigan's -- steak house soup, dolphin fingers, and potato skins (brought some of those home).

I may be getting over my inertia on the kitchen. I just haven't felt like doing anything -- probably fatigue, and I'm the only one here who has to live with it being unfinished (and it doesn't bother me). But last night I stopped at the window at Decorama and peered inside. Saw some pretty travertine tile for the backsplash. I'd always planned on starting my tile search at Decorama, which is basically a store for wall treatments (paint, wallpaper, etc.), since it was just down the street.

Tonight I also talked again with my friend who repairs TVs, computers, etc. I told him that the charities won't pick up a broken TV (if they pick up anything at all -- Goodwill no longer does) and asked him if he might know of anyone who would want it for parts. He didn't. Repair people don't want them in their shops since they take up so much room. I'm just going to junk it. (Maybe put it on Craig's List first.)

[Later] Posted ad on Craig's List.

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