Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday night

With Super Bowl happening here, didn't venture out to dinner tonight. Had two lemon herb SeaSations frozen fish fillets and some Stouffer's spinach souffle. Had two cups of coffee at Starbucks earlier, as the temperature dropped into the 60s.

[Later] Tried calling my friend in Canada and left a message. He said he'd be around this weekend. Hmmm.

[Later still] Decided to go back to video chat. Will probably go with ICU2, which I used to like. Was on a whole odyssey tonight researching, downloading and removing video chat software. Which also entailed removing Firefox, since it became contaminated with a Yahoo toolbar after I installed the Yahoo Messenger, then re-installing Firefox, after checking out Google Chrome (again). I'm comfortable with Firefox. I've begun redoing my tabs.

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