Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thursday night II

Did my walk after work. Beautiful weather.

Fried up some lean, ground sirloin for lunch tomorrow. I'll have that with some collard greens (canned, but I'll butter them up).

Watching MSNBC. Next, chill with Project Runway.

[Later] I'm not a fashion maven, but I didn't find the losing garment all that objectionable -- and the client liked it. But somebody had to lose tonight. I did think the winning garment should have won. It flowed beautifully and flattered the client.

So the Republicans are bringing back privatizing Social Security and now Medicare? In the wake of the meltdown on Wall Street? Good luck with that. I'll bet some of the teabaggers like their Social Security and Medicare and don't want those going into the toilet. (I seriously doubt the Medicare people would trust the health insurance companies to look after them.) As Rachel Maddow said tonight, the Republicans have tossed a nice curve ball across the Democrats' plate, and we'd better take a good whack at it.

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