Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday night

Had a good day, but I just discovered I lost the old leather passport holder that I now keep my checkbook and other stuff in. Luckily I was fresh out of checks, and there was nothing else important in it but my voter's registration card. Apparently I left it on the bus after I'd taken it out of my briefcase. (Was tired at that point.) I'll call lost and found tomorrow.

Got a real good deal on a new watch tonight at Sports Authority. It's a nice-looking black Casio with a conventional dial (which makes it easy for me to set) and a second hand (need for gym). $25. Who knew watches were so cheap nowadays? All this does is tell time (which is all I need). There's also a button to light the dial. My old watch served me well for years, but it was essentially one solid piece of rubber and broke in two. (I can replace the band on the new one.)

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