Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wednesday night

Back at gym tonight. Hadn't been on a Wednesday in two weeks. Had some of my least favorite exercises to do (including leg curls), but did them and feel good about it. (Don't have to do them again for a while.) Stopped off briefly at the store afterward.

Checking out a couple of those gay sites. I think I'm going to discontinue one of them (the one with the questionable questionnaire--not really a gay site but advertises to gays). Gays have special issues, such as HIV status, for example. And in some states, including Florida, gays aren't allowed to adopt children, so questions about whether you want to have children become more complicated than the questionnaire allows for.

Bootsy is starting to get clingy with me again and attack Lucky in my presence. I'm putting a stop to that. Lucky's my baby. Took a nap after work, before going to the gym, and Lucky napped beside me with his tail draped across my shoulder the whole time. (Actually, that helps me fall asleep.)

Chris Hayes from The Nation on Rachel now. He's probably my favorite commentator. Highly articulate and insightful.

So Gen. Colin Powell is saying it's time to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Good for him. Now McCain is against it, even though he originally said he'd defer to Colin Powell on that issue. The Party of No.

You know canned corned beef has to be bad for you when the label says there are six servings in a 12-oz. can (at 150 calories each, with gobs of fat and cholesterol). But it's very high in protein. I don't eat a lot of it.

Once I was in a small town just north of Richmond, Virginia and ordered a corned beef sandwich from the menu at a drug store lunch counter, and they made it with canned corned beef (on white toast, if I recall correctly). (Actually, I lived in that town for about two years, attending college.) Truth be told, I liked the sandwich, but it certainly wasn't what I'd expected. I ended up transferring back to Miami, where the corned beef sandwiches were better. (But nowadays it seems the delis are pushing leaner corned beef - blah.)

Lucky seems happier tonight. I'm glad I picked up on the problem that apparently had been festering for a few days. I'd sensed something was wrong in the way Lucky as acting (depressed). Bootsy wants it to be only he and I together, against the interloper (Lucky). I won't put up with that. This morning I scolded Bootsy when he attacked Lucky at feeding time. Plus I've made sure Lucky can eat on his own, away from Bootsy.

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