Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday night

Co-worker whose father passed away on Valentine's Day was back today. Glad to see her. She brought a bunch of food left over from the post-funeral gathering at her house this past Saturday: barbecued chicken, rice and beans (two ways), yuca (cassava) (not a favorite regardless of how it's prepared), chicken wings, baked macaroni and cheese (just like my mother used to make), fried sweet plantains, and green plantains cooked with pork, which was delicious (tangy and garlicky). I'd never had that before. Then there were leftovers from a luncheon: breaded chicken cutlets, really cheesy scalloped potatoes, salad, pastries, etc. I had a huge lunch, then ate some of my spaghetti with meat sauce later as a snack (delicious).

I walked off some of that after work. Got off the bus at Home Depot, looking for a space heater. (Another cold snap is coming.) No heaters. Then walked up to Walgreens. No heaters. Walked home and took the truck up to Target. No heaters. Well, I tried. I could have driven down to K-Mart but I wanted to get home to watch TV.

I had a sliver of the New York cheesecake tonight and will take the rest of it to work tomorrow. Had cold roast eye of the round for a light dinner. Not terribly hungry.

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