Friday, September 19, 2008

'Aggies home game gets evacuees punted from hotel'

For the sports fans out there. Story here.

Another hurricane is approaching Texas, forcing people to evacuate. But unlike last week when thousands fled the approaching ravages of Ike, this week some of those same evacuees are having to flee their College Station hotel rooms.

The Saturday football game between the Hurricanes of the University of Miami and Texas A&M University Aggies have hotel managers asking evacuees to vacate their rooms for the weekend.

Rabid Aggie fans book hotel rooms up to a year in advance for home football games, so evacuees who have been holed up since last week are being asked to leave.

L.C. Ruiz of Galveston said he went to extend his stay at Manor House Hotel Thursday and was told he had to leave today but was welcome to return on Monday.

"We were told we have to get out because they're having a football game," said Ruiz, who evacuated Sept. 10 with his ailing wife, his wife's nurse and her family.

Ruiz said he ended up putting his wife in a convalescent center when the nurse and her family found a hotel room in Huntsville.

Scott Joslove, president and chief executive officer of the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association, said it would be a breach of contract if hotels canceled reservations. College Station hotels, he said, are trying to help the evacuees.

"Hotels that have booked reservations are calling their guests and asking them to cancel their reservations in deference to the evacuees," Joslove said. "We can't just cancel without the guests' permission."


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