Friday, September 19, 2008

'Voters "Comfortable" with the Black Guy, Not so Much the Old Guy'

Open Left post is here, via MyDD.

The latest Quinnipiac poll continues the good news for the Obama campaign and should raise worries for the McCain campaign. The headline is Obama 49, McCain 45 which is in keeping with the polling of the last few days showing solid movement to Obama. But the internals are really interesting.

Ninety percent of voters say they are very or somewhat comfortable with the idea of an African-American president. Specifically, 78% say they are "entirely comfortable" with the idea and another 12 "somewhat."

By contrast, just 37% are entirely comfortable with a 72-year-old president with a grossly unqualified running mate (okay I added that last part). Another 23% are somewhat comfortable with it. Also, 91 percent are entirely or somewhat comfortable with the idea of a woman VP. Sarah Palin can't take too much comfort in that, though, because she is the least popular of the 4 candidates according to this poll. Her numbers here aren't as bad as the Research 2000 for dKos poll (where Palin's negatives now exceed her positives by 4 points, sorry to keep beating that dead moose) but they are trending down.

Economic messages are the other headline here. That issue is by far the most often selected as the most important campaign issue and among those people Obama leads McCain 52 to 40 percent. It's also clear that most voters now understand which candidate will raise their taxes. Voters identify McCain as the one whose tax cuts will benefit the rich and Obama as the one whose tax cuts will benefit the middle class and the poor.

It's these economic realities that will start to drive the remaining recalcitrant Hillary Clinton voters to Obama (the poll says 1 in 4 Clinton voters is for McCain still; how many of them are really Republicans?).

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